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Hello. We’re Human Performance, A Media Agency Located In Stockholm City. Take A Look Around & Don’t Be Shy.

Home of Swedens biggest distributor of insert magazines focused on high quality advertising and editorials.

Also home to one of the biggest career magazines, The Scholar as well as the high end interior magazine House Magazine.

We help brands and companies with marketing, content creation and distribution towards the right demography at the right point of time.

Whether it’s with content in a magazine, design or digital advertising we always make sure that the client is taken care of throughout the whole process.

We Make Beautiful Things!

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& Counting

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted media agencies on the market.
Read more below why our clients keep coming back over and over again.


Thousand Clients

& Counting

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted media agencies on the market. Read more below why our clients keep coming back over and over again.

Close Relation

We make sure that we have a close contact with you as a client to be able to give you a safe and reliable relation during each step in the process in every project. Oh, & we’ll always answer your calls no matter the time or day!


We always make sure to do our full research so that we can deliver the most well thought of work based entirely on your brand, needs, market & demography. Nothing is left to chance! Put that time spent on worrying towards bigger things.

Continual Updates

You will constantly be in the loop during the project, nothing is happening behind closed doors. We love to hear your thoughts early on as well as during the process so that we together can feel safe that we’re heading the right way towards the sky.


As your advisors we’ll always make sure to keep track of the results at all time regardless the size of the project. We strive to always find new ways to develop and optimise in order to be able to deliver the highest results. We’ll also keep track of new trends and opportunities for your brand. We don’t sell, we recommend!



We’re happy to help you take
your brand or business to the next step.
Send us an email or come by for a
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Human Performance Consulting Sweden AB
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Sebastian Lundborg

CEO & Partner

E-post: sebastian.lundborg@
Telefon: +46 735 06 05 43

David Svedberg

Head of Sales

E-post: david.svedberg@
Telefon: +46 720 70 98 54

My Dorup

Production Manager

E-post: my.dorup@human

Valentino Demina

Key Account Manager

E-post: valentino.demina@

Alexander Fogde

Key Account Manager

E-post: alexander.fogde@
Telefon: +46 731 55 33 20

Erik Köhler

Key Account Manager

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Wilmer Roslund

Key Account Manager

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Royah Ssozi

Key Account Manager

E-post: royah.ssozi@

Karim Elmourabit

Key Account Manager

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Oliver Samson

Key Account Manager

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Axel Fritz

Account Manager

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Albin Ahlenius

Key Account Manager

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Bernardo Diaz

Account Manager

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Andreas Engström

Account Manager

E-post: andreas.engstrom@

Andreas Forsberg

Account Manager

E-post: andreas.forsberg

Alexander Rolfson

Account Manager

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Sebastian Nogueira

Account Manager

E-post: sebastian.nogueira@

Tahir Alijaj

Account Manager

E-post: tahir.alijaj@

John Pettersson

Art Director

E-post: john.pettersson@

Sebastian Lindfors

Art Director

E-post: sebastian.lindfors@

Alexander Sundberg

Art Director

E-post: alexander.sundberg@

Marianne Hulkko


E-post: marianne.hulkko@

Kristina Bate Holmberg


E-post: kristina.bate.holmberg@

Eva Sandqvist


E-post: eva.sandqvist@

Josefi Jönsson


E-post: josef.jonsson@

Rosanna Rundlöf


E-post: rosanna.rundlof@

Emmelie Andersson


E-post: emmelie.andersson@

Linn Ålund Thorgren


E-post: linn.alund.thorgren@

Clara Nilsson


E-post: clara.nilsson@

Hatija Khalil


E-post: hatija.khalil@

Svea Sigmond

Head of Recruitment & HR

E-post: svea.sigmond@
Telefon: +46 720 763 493